Reedsy Discovery Issue #186: The dangers and possibilities of AI

Below is a copy of the Reedsy Discovery Newsletter published the first week of October 2022 when The Customer Affinity Manifesto launched. Reedsy elected the book Best Business & Management book that week 🏆

DALL-E, the new artificial intelligence (AI) system that can create images based on a written description, has been received with fascination and trepidation in equal measure. The conversation around artificial intelligence is not new, but DALL-E has revived questions about its potential and where to draw the line. What do writers have to say about the rise of AI? In his new release, author Joss Gillet argues that AI is here to stay, and businesses need to adapt and utilize it to succeed. Meanwhile, in his imaginative YA novel that merges technology with myth and magic, Tim Kulp explores a more terrifying side of AI. These are just two of the books I’m recommending this week — read on for more! 

👾 [dis]connection by Tim Kulp is an original YA techno thriller about the perils of AI and social media. Erin Ulman is struggling to fit in at her new school, bullied for her fashion sense and interest in coding. When she comes across an unusual 3D printer, she comes up with a solution: she creates a friend. But when the friend turns violent, Erin’s life is suddenly in danger. Told in verse, this first installment of the Pandora Project is a thrilling look at cyberbullying and the desire to belong — it’s been dubbed “Frankenstein for the Social Network Generation.”

🤖 In The Customer Affinity Manifesto, Joss Gillet looks at how businesses can make better use of AI to spot new trends, adapt to current situations, and keep customers happy. Gillet explains that AI can help companies understand how emotions influence consumer behavior, and that businesses can benefit from incorporating AI into their brand strategy. With a wealth of research and visually engaging graphs to substantiate arguments, this book will be immensely helpful for those looking to grow their business in the current climate — and the near future. 

📙 Afro-Bougie Blues by Lauren Wilson is a collection of twelve short stories about the lives of Black men and women, struggling with difficulties such as parenthood, miscarriage, and PTSD. Wilson’s engaging writing makes you empathize with these characters: the single father raising a teenage daughter, the woman watching her marriage fall apart, and the army vet battling with memories after returning home. It’s a beautiful collection about life’s challenges and finding your way through it all. 

Finally, don’t miss Paul Cristo’s post-apocalyptic adventure Deadheading, about one man’s struggle for survival against a crew of gun-wielding lunatics. Though there are no supernatural elements here, fans of The Walking Dead are sure to enjoy this story. 

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Happy Reading!

 Felicia – Editorial Manager

The best books that launched this week


The Customer Affinity Manifesto: How AI can help businesses connect with customer emotions

By Joss Gillet     

How to take the pulse of customer emotions weekly without breaking the bank? What would make customers shift their spending to the competition? How to spot new consumer trends and pivot fast? How to build your own AI-…

Buy it on AmazonRead book



By T. Kulp     

Tech, myth and magic collide in this novel-in-verse perfect for fans of the Girls Who Code series now ready for a YA techno thriller. Erin is the new girl at Glen Coast High School. Her passion for technology make…

Buy it on Amazon Read book


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