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For the past 20 years, Joss has been making data talk to support business decision-makers globally. He is convinced that no rational decisions can be taken without actionable insights at hand to guide business leaders along their journey. He is therefore specialised in designing and developing online data platforms that solve such problems, having worked in the ICT and Agriculture sectors.

His fingers are hastily coding when they are not writing book pages. Joss has spent his career developing high-value data products from the ground up. He likes to get his hands dirty to further his data science and web dev skills to be able to walk the tech talk. But while computing is fun, it cannot compare to that highly rewarding moment when your well-nurtured data pipelines draw meaningful and forward-looking conclusions. Over the past years, much of his time has been spent managing teams of data talents in the UK, India and France. It is an exciting challenge to federate data scientists and software engineers towards delivering impactful and game changing data tools and insights. He’s traveled the world when working on the different missions assigned by his clients. To date, he acts as CTO of Hiphen, a fast-growing internatonial company at the forefront of agtech innovation. He wakes up every morning highly motivated by the fact that the image analytics solutions we develop at Hiphen help our clients better adapt to climate change issues.

The Customer Affinity Manifesto: How AI can help businesses connect with customer emotions is his first book which was self-published in 2022. It started with the idea that any business can use AI and NLP to routinely turn customers’ verbatim data into actionable insights. AI for customer affinity is a no-brainer and the result of a five years study of 3 million customer comments left on social media regarding their opinions of telcos’ service quality. Prior to that, he wrote a chapter of the 2018 UN’s Measuring the Information Society Report (chapter 3) and published hundreds of industrial technical reports during his telco days.

His next book project will take the reader to a different universe in which he will make data sing. Joss will move away from using AI to manipulate images or verbatim data to explore audio tracks – an uncharted territory for him which exciting conclusions will no doubt continue to resonate with many of you. So stay tuned by subscribing to my newsletter here (all puns intended).

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